The Six Day War Project #5-10: Each Day of the War

This post presents videos 5-10 in the Six Day War Project, a mini-series of twelve 2-5 minute long videos about the dramatic events and impact of the Six Day War, produced by Jerusalem U to mark fifty years since the war. The videos present the main events of each day of the war, including Israel’s surprise attack against Egypt on Day 1, the conquest of Sinai and Mount Scopus in Jerusalem on Day 2, the liberation of the Western Wall on Day 3, Israel’s return to the biblical heartland of the West Bank on Day 4, the conquest of the Golan Heights on Day 5, and the regional implications of Israel’s victory on Day 6. Jerusalem U is a media organization that creates purpose-driven content about Judaism and Israel for young Jews. 

Day Two of the War

Day Three of the War

Day Four of the War

Day Five of the War

Day Six of the War


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