Rabbi David Stav: State and Religion in Israel

Produced on the eve of the Jewish New Year in 2014, this video (05:35) features Rabbi David Stav summarizing religion-state issues in Israel over the past year. He refers to efforts to pass bills that break the ultra-Orthodox monopoly on marriage and conversion in order to expose Israelis to a relevant and meaningful Judaism, as opposed to one that is imposed upon them by law. Rabbi Stav notes that many secular Israelis harbor a deep thirst for authentic Judaism, while feeling estranged from Jewish rituals. In a message to Jews all over the world, Rabbi Stav claims that the future of the Jewish people depends on the strength of the State of Israel. Rabbi Stav is Chairman of Tzohar, an organization of over 800 Religious Zionist Orthodox rabbis in Israel that aims to bridge the gaps between religious and secular Jews in Israel.