Educational Resources for Exploring the Western Wall Controversies

This post provides three different resources designed to help guide discussions and programming concerning some of the religious and political controversies surrounding the Western Wall. Created in 2003, some of the resources are slightly outdated, but still provide useful context for the exploration of these ever-evolving issues. The video, asks essential questions about the Western Wall and provides a timeline of milestone events. The Thought Sheet  and Timeline can be seen below. These resources were created by the educational wing of the Jewish Agency, Makom, an organization that empowers community leaders to ask tough questions and articulate compelling visions, and provides the content and tools to craft honest programming that embraces the vibrant complexity of Israel.

Western Wall Thought-Sheet

The Thought Sheet explores issues of gender equality, freedom of worship, pluralism and egalitarianism at the Western Wall.

kotel thought sheet

Western Wall Timeline

The Timeline lists milestone religious and political historical events from the construction of the First Temple in 950 BCE through 2003. 

kotel timeline